Make Sure Your Building Can Stand the Test of Time

Offering emergency preparedness and home energy services in Moorpark, CA

Residents of California are no strangers to natural disasters. Earthquakes, floods and wildfires rage through the state annually. That's why Pryce Home Inspections in Moorpark, CA offers emergency preparation and home energy services. Our goal is to make sure your property is safe and energy-efficient, no matter what the outside conditions may be.

Dial 805-321-8878 now to schedule a consultation with us. We look forward to walking you through the steps for office and home emergency preparedness.

How can we help you?

As a property owner, you probably understand how important workplace and home emergency preparedness can be. Hire us to make sure your property is:

Protected from wildfires
Running at peak energy efficiency
Prepared to withstand an earthquake

We'll also make sure your property is mold-free.

For more information about our additional services, contact us today.