Do You Smell Sewage Around Your Home?

Trust us to complete your sewer line inspection in the Moorpark, CA area

Whether you're moving into an old home or building a new one, you'll need to get a sewer line inspection done. That's where Pryce Home Inspections comes in. Hire us to make sure your sewer line is in good condition before you sign on the dotted line.

Don't get stuck with a backflow problem affecting your home right after you move in - schedule sewer line services in or around Moorpark, CA ASAP. You can reach us at 805-321-8878.

3 reasons you should get your sewer line inspected

Before a home is bought or sold, it should get a thorough inspection. Because sewer lines are underground, they're easy to overlook. You should schedule a sewer line inspection to find out if:

Tree roots are puncturing your sewer line
A leak or clog is causing problems with your line
The line needs to be cleaned out to prevent backups

Is there a problem with your sewer line? Schedule our sewer line services today to find out.