Make Sure Your Home in Moorpark, CA Is Contaminant-Free

Request residential radon testing, lead testing and asbestos testing

Your health is precious, and it can be upset by tiny particles floating around in your air and water. Luckily, Pryce Home Inspections has the means to identify harmful contaminants around your property and offer advice for removing them. From residential radon testing or home water testing, our inspector in Moorpark, CA does it all.

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Check out the types of testing we can do

When you schedule home water testing, soil testing or air testing, we'll be checking for a wide range of harmful substances. For example, you can hire us to find any traces of:

Radon - schedule residential radon testing services to find out whether your family is at risk of radon-related health risks
Lead - depend on us to test your paint, water, soil and air for traces of lead that can cause significant health problems
Asbestos - ask us to test your insulation, vinyl tiles, pipes, roofing and siding for asbestos

We also offer commercial testing services. To learn more, call 805-321-8878 now.